Latest Results

    Afternoon Track

    Start TimeEventRoundResults
    2:00 PMWomen's Club Distance Medley RelayFinalResults
    2:14 PMMen's Club Sprint Medley RelayFinalResults
    2:24 PMWomen's USATF Championship Mile WalkFinalResults
    2:36 PMLong Island High School Boys' 4x400m RelayFinalResults
    2:42 PMJohn P. Prendergast CHSAA Girls' Sprint Medley RelayFinalResults
    2:47 PMCHSAA High School Boys' 4x200m RelayFinalResults
    2:52 PMLong Island High School Girls’ 4x400m RelayFinalResults
    2:58 PMWomen’s 4x200m RelayFinalResults
    3:02 PMMen’s 4x200m RelayFinalResults
    3:06 PMSuburban High School Boys’ 4x400m RelayFinalResults
    3:12 PMSuburban High School Girls’ 4x400m RelayFinalResults
    3:17 PMNYRR Youth Boys’ 800mFinalResults
    3:21 PMNYRR Youth Girls’ 800mFinalResults
    3:25 PMHigh School Boys’ 55m DashFinalResults
    3:29 PMHigh School Girls’ 55m DashFinalResults
    3:33 PMNew Balance Eastern Boys’ High School 4x800mFinalResults
    3:45 PMSusan Rudin Men’s USATF Championship Mile WalkFinalResults
    3:56 PMEastern Girls’ High School 4x800mFinalResults
    4:08 PMMaster’s Men’s 60+ & Women’s 4x400m RelaysFinalResults
    4:17 PMMaster’s Men’s 50+ 4x400m RelayFinalResults
    4:26 PMMaster’s Men’s 40+ 4x400m RelayFinalResults
    4:34 PMCollege Men’s 4x400m RelayFinalResults
    4:44 PMCollege Women’s 4x400m RelayFinalResults
    4:50 PMNYRR Boys’ Fastest Kid on the BlockFinalResults
    4:55 PMNYRR Youth Boys’ 4x200m RelayFinalResults
    5:00 PMNYRR Youth Girls’ 4x200m RelayFinalResults
    5:05 PMPSAL High School Boys’ 4x400m RelayFinalResults
    5:11 PMPSAL High School Girls’ 4x400m RelayFinalResults
    5:17 PMMen’s 3,000m RunFinalResults
    5:28 PMNYAC College Men’s 4x800m RelayFinalResults
    5:38 PMNew Balance High School Girls’ MileFinalResults

    Live TV Window

    Start TimeEventRoundResults
    6:02 PMHoward Schmertz Women’s 60m HurdlesFinalResults
    6:07 PMHoward Schmertz Men’s 60m HurdlesFinalResults
    6:13 PMNYH&RC Women’s 60m DashFinalResults
    6:18 PMNYH&RC Men’s 60m DashFinalResults
    6:21 PMNYRR Girls’ Fastest Kid on the BlockFinalResults
    6:24 PMWomen’s 3,000m RunFinalResults
    6:35 PMMel Sheppard Men’s 1,000m RunFinalResults
    6:40 PMEastern High School Boys’ 4x200m RelayFinalResults
    6:45 PMPaavo Nurmi Men’s 5,000m RunFinalResults
    7:03 PMNYAC Men’s 500m RunFinalResults
    7:08 PMNew Balance High School Boys’ MileFinalResults
    7:15 PMAT&T Women’s 400m DashFinalResults
    7:20 PMNYRR Women’s Wanamaker MileFinalResults
    7:27 PMEastern High School Girls’ 4x200m RelayFinalResults
    7:35 PMEmblemHealth Women’s 800m RunFinalResults
    7:40 PMGeorge T. Eastment CHSAA Boys’ 4x800m RelayFinalResults
    7:53 PMNYRR Men’s Wanamaker MileFinalResults


    Start TimeEventRoundResults
    2:50 PMFlying Circus Junior Boys' Pole VaultFinalResults
    6:09 PMFred Schmertz Women’s Pole VaultFinalResults
    6:26 PMUSMC Men’s Long JumpFinalResults
    6:42 PMJohn Thomas Men’s High JumpFinalResults

    Thursday Field

    Start TimeEventRoundResults
    2:00 PMWomen's Weight ThrowFinalResults
    3:00 PMMen's Weight ThrowFinalResults
    7:00 PMJunior Girls' Weight ThrowFinalResults
    7:30 PMJunior Girls' Pole VaultFinal 
    8:00 PMJunior Boys' Weight ThrowFinalResults